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Sadie's All Natural Pet Treats

For the love of dogs.

Sadie's All Natural 

Freeze Dried, Raw Chicken & Bison Pet Treats

Sadie's All Natural Pet Treats
All natural. Really.

No added hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics, no artificial colors.

Single Ingredient.

Free range, USA sourced meat. That's it.

Handmade in Colorado.

With love. Is there any other way?


Sadie's All Natural Pet Treats

Our Process

Our freeze-dry process retains the natural composition and structure, digestive enzymes, amino acid profile, and contains the same nutritional benefits of eating raw foods.


Freeze drying also preserves naturally – no chemicals, irradiation, or heat damage (our treats start out frozen, dry in the machine at temperatures no higher than 130 degrees and dry for an average of 25 hours). Freeze dried treats are convenient, require no refrigeration, and provide a wholesome nutritious diet with a long shelf-life and additional benefits for your pet, which include, but are not limited to:


• Better skin and coats

• Less likelihood of allergies

• Fresher breath

• Optimal weight management

• Improved digestion

• Smaller, less smelly stools

• Improved oral health

• Overall Improvement in health and immunity


Bison is simply healthier and more nutritious for your dog than beef, pork, poultry, or fish and naturally contains more essential vitamins and minerals with less fat and calories. Sadie’s All Natural treats are sourced from USDA certified suppliers and freeze dried in Colorado from free-range, grass fed American bison (sourced in Colorado) and human-grade, free-range chicken with no steroids, added hormones, or antibiotics.


Our pet treats are a pure, high protein, low fat alternative to treats that have fillers, chemicals, sugars, and carbs. Check the label “Crude Analysis.” Add the percentages and subtract from 100. What is left are the sugars and carbs in the treats. This number should be 10% or less and that assures you are getting a wholesome treat, and because our products are grain free and gluten free, they are perfect for any animal.

Well to name a few...

Health Benefits?

Sadie's All Natural
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